Thursday, August 16, 2012

Taj Mahal in India

Taj Mahal in Hindi (ताज महल) is an Indian architectural landmark located in Accra, one of the biggest evidence of the arts and architecture in the Mughal era.

The shrine was built to commemorate the anniversary of the "Erjohnmd Bannu Bacam" and famous for the title of "Mumtaz Mahal" the wife of the sultan Concubine "Shah Jahan" .. Died in 1631 AD near her husband, during one of the military campaigns.
Nizh the inclusion of the teacher in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage 

It took twenty years and the recruitment of more than twenty thousand men to build this unique teacher .. Reaches an elevation of the shrine (main building) 73 C, it inscribed verses from the Koran, and some outstanding graphics, which is a reference to study the art of painting in India during the Mughal era.
The shrine stands on a square platform, and on each side of a circular beacon .. His right to a small mosque was built, and to the left stands a building is called the "answer" Find the balance (with the mosque) in the general shape of the shrine

Is access to the shrine after crossing the gardens located within the area encircled interspersed with large gate .. Collected mosques and shrines of other - of the wives of the less fortunate - near the house .. We have Nasben Altzkariyn each of the "Mumtaz Mahal" and "Shah Jahan" T. (1666 m) in the hall eight ribs, completed by the inscriptions found on them in a neat, and has Ahatthma Mkhromh curtains and marble inlaid with precious stones.

Does not know exactly the author of this work, but it is likely to be the architect "Professor Issa" (from Persian or Turkish origin) as well as turkey Khan, who oversaw the construction of the dome, and "Ranmal" who planned the gardens.

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